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Slap Savica

Slap Savica
Address: Slap Savica

Bohinjsko jezero
Phone: 04 5746 010
Mobile: 040 572 611
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slap_savica.jpgBohinj Lake has numerous inflows, the most important one is the Savica. Its water bursts from the underground of the Dolina sedmerih jezer (The Seven Triglav Lakes Valley) in the walls of Komarča as Savica Waterfall, which is the most famous Slovenian waterfall.

The Savica runs over 38 m long level and falls almost 51 m deep. Total difference in height is 78 m. Another smaller waterfall also falls 25 m deep. Both waterfalls together form the two-part waterfall in the shape of the letter A. Right after the pool, which is artificially supported, is a small dam.

You can drive by car from Ukanc (4 km) towards the Savica Waterfall and park at the hut (Koča pri Savici). If you prefer to walk, you can start at Zlatorog hotel in Ukanc. Just follow the signs and in about an hour you will come to the hut under the Savica Waterfall.

Then you continue to stone bridge over the Mala Savica, where you pay entrance fee. Walk above the Savica gorge and you will access the viewing point (approximately 20 minutes walk).

Height above sea level: 894m


The position of the waterfall:
- N: 46°22'44''  slap_savica1.jpg                               
- E: 13°45'52''

Two-part waterfall in the form of the letter A:
- height of the high part: 78m
- height of the small part: 25m

Walking time: app. 20 minutes