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  • 14.04.2014 European mobility

    Are you one of the 93 million pupils or students enrolled in the European education system, that is you are in a primary or high school, or university in the European Union? If so...

  • 25.03.2014 Slovenia through the eyes of the young foreigner

     “I am all ears” – read the first impressions of Slovenia by Miquel Guijalba

  • 17.02.2014 Soon to be EVS in Slovenia

    This is an interview with Sixtine, a young enthusiastic girl from France who decided to live and work in Slovenia as an EVS volunteer.

    Why did she choose Slovenia and what are here expectations?

  • 08.01.2014 Why visit Ljubljana?

    Because everything can happen in this charming, dynamic and peaceful place to explore and experience!

  • 01.01.2014 How to use European Youth Card?

    This video is the result of the cooperation of Carnet Jove and Young Scot.

Why does the spring smell sooooo nice? :)